Lawyers Disability Insurance Program Urgency

Throughout the year you may have noticed our partnership with Lawyers Insurance, the subsidiary of the North Carolina Bar Association. We work with them and their members to provide guaranteed issue disability insurance without any medical questions or exams.

Only proof of income is required for NC Bar Association Members to get up to $4000/month in individual protection. The premiums are fixed and guaranteed to age 67 and the rates are not only discounted for the Association, but they are the same for males and females, which saves women nearly 30%. For those who wish to secure more than $4000/month, we can get other discounts including business owner discounts for those who have their own practice, though any increased amounts are subject to medical review.

The insurance carrier has been very generous by offering this amount of coverage without medical questions but we are told that changes to those limits are coming early in 2012. So, if you have a taxable loss from your group disability insurance provided by your firm, have older ABA coverage that only pays benefits for 5 year and with increasing premiums per age changes, make sure to take advantage of this discount program.

Visit our webpage specific to this program for rates and applications!



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