BE the person you want to be…By Dr. Jade Teta

BE the person you want to be.
Article by Dr. Jade Teta for Mensh Insurance

It is important to understand that the way many people go about change is backwards. Most people think if they simply DO something different, they will then HAVE what they want and BEcome a different person. This is often stated as the DO, HAVE, BE mindset. Or, they may feel if they are given something, like money (HAVE), they will be able to DO all the stuff they want and will BEcome a different person. This is the HAVE, DO, BE mindset. Both of these models are wrong. To make a true change, you have to BE the thing you are trying to become right now in the present moment. Then you will automatically DO the things necessary to HAVE what you desire…..BE DO HAVE

This is often confusing. How can you BE something different right now? By studying and learning the habits of athletes and lean fit people, you can master the art of being different. To BE the fit lean person you desire right now, your imagination can be an amazing tool. Imagine what an athlete does or how a fit and lean person behaves. They are not “doing” a program; they are simply living their lives. Use your imagination to see yourself doing all the things you need to be doing. Don’t say “I will” or “I will try”. Say “I am”. See yourself as a lean fit person right now through your imagination. Use your imagination to visualize yourself as lean and fit. See yourself doing all the things lean fit people do. Mimic their behaviors in your mind. They don’t miss an opportunity to go to the gym, a muffin and coffee for breakfast are not even an option, and they look for salads on the menu not sandwiches. They have a whole different way of BEING in the world. You have to become the lean fit person right now in this moment not later. Allow no one to treat you as anything other than a fit, disciplined, vital, lean, athletic person; especially yourself. Your own worst enemy is your own personal negative thoughts and beliefs. Be relentless in removing all negative statements from your mind. Replace “I am fat” with “I enjoy being fit and lean”. Don’t avoid the mirror, but instead stand in front of it and use your imagination to shape your body in your mind’s eye. Get used to seeing yourself that way. Get used to seeing your body as lean and fit. BEcome the lean and fit person first in your mind and you will DO the things necessary and HAVE what you want. BE DO HAVE, It is a powerful new approach.


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