Long Term Care Insurance Rates

View my CNBC article discussing rising Long Term Care rates.


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Lawyers Disability Insurance Program Urgency

Throughout the year you may have noticed our partnership with Lawyers Insurance, the subsidiary of the North Carolina Bar Association. We work with them and their members to provide guaranteed issue disability insurance without any medical questions or exams.

Only proof of income is required for NC Bar Association Members to get up to $4000/month in individual protection. The premiums are fixed and guaranteed to age 67 and the rates are not only discounted for the Association, but they are the same for males and females, which saves women nearly 30%. For those who wish to secure more than $4000/month, we can get other discounts including business owner discounts for those who have their own practice, though any increased amounts are subject to medical review.

The insurance carrier has been very generous by offering this amount of coverage without medical questions but we are told that changes to those limits are coming early in 2012. So, if you have a taxable loss from your group disability insurance provided by your firm, have older ABA coverage that only pays benefits for 5 year and with increasing premiums per age changes, make sure to take advantage of this discount program.

Visit our webpage specific to this program for rates and applications!



Long Term Care Insurance and Divorce Settlements…Business Wire Article

Danny Mensh was published via Business Wire on the increase use of Long Term Care Insurance in divorce settlements as a way to protect assets and to replace built-in caregiver expectations.


Spring 2011…A Fresh Beginning.

Dear Friends,
2011 has started off with a flurry of positive economic news reports and a continued increase in stock market success. More jobs were created in January than in previous months and general optimism regarding financial stability seems on the rise. I hope this trend will continue.

A new partnership for Mensh Insurance

I’m happy to share some great news with you: Mensh Insurance recently entered into an exciting new partnership with Lawyers Insurance, the biggest insurers of lawyers in North Carolina (see below). This is a major new venture for our company, and we are certainly grateful for this relationship. We also continue to work with the residents and fellows at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center to help them secure their individually owned “true own occupation” disability insurance policies. We’ve enjoyed working with all the young doctors training at Baptist; they’re a great group.

How can we help you?

We continue to maintain our total independence and can bring all of the top term, whole, universal life products, disability insurance and long-term care insurance policies to you, your businesses, or your community or regional associations. Keep us in mind for any future needs, either for yourself or for a friend. We are always just an e-mail, phone call or coffee meeting away!

Mensh Insurance and Lawyers Insurance Partnernship Program

NC Bar Partnership and Endorsement Letter

Individual Disability Insurance Program Highlights:
– Individual Disability Insurance policy with up to $4000/month tax free benefit
– True Own Occupation specific language; ability to earn income doing something else
– Benefits payable to age 67
– Residual benefit rider included
– Full benefit period for mental and nervous claims
– Same rates for males and females (saves all women close to 40%)

These individual policies provide any members of the North Carolina Bar Association with the perfect opportunity to secure additional disability insurance protection, their first policy, or a chance to supplement their existing group/employer provided plan.
For those firms who wish to secure plans for partners or associates, we can design a list billing program while taking advantage of all discounts and guaranteed issue parameters for ease of enrollment.
– Must be a member of the North Carolina Bar Association
– Must be under age 67
– Must not have been declined for disability insurance in the last 12 months by any carrier
– Must not have been declined by The Standard EVER BEFORE for disability insurance

All policy design, implementation, and service handled via Partnership with

BE the person you want to be…By Dr. Jade Teta

BE the person you want to be.
Article by Dr. Jade Teta for Mensh Insurance

It is important to understand that the way many people go about change is backwards. Most people think if they simply DO something different, they will then HAVE what they want and BEcome a different person. This is often stated as the DO, HAVE, BE mindset. Or, they may feel if they are given something, like money (HAVE), they will be able to DO all the stuff they want and will BEcome a different person. This is the HAVE, DO, BE mindset. Both of these models are wrong. To make a true change, you have to BE the thing you are trying to become right now in the present moment. Then you will automatically DO the things necessary to HAVE what you desire…..BE DO HAVE

This is often confusing. How can you BE something different right now? By studying and learning the habits of athletes and lean fit people, you can master the art of being different. To BE the fit lean person you desire right now, your imagination can be an amazing tool. Imagine what an athlete does or how a fit and lean person behaves. They are not “doing” a program; they are simply living their lives. Use your imagination to see yourself doing all the things you need to be doing. Don’t say “I will” or “I will try”. Say “I am”. See yourself as a lean fit person right now through your imagination. Use your imagination to visualize yourself as lean and fit. See yourself doing all the things lean fit people do. Mimic their behaviors in your mind. They don’t miss an opportunity to go to the gym, a muffin and coffee for breakfast are not even an option, and they look for salads on the menu not sandwiches. They have a whole different way of BEING in the world. You have to become the lean fit person right now in this moment not later. Allow no one to treat you as anything other than a fit, disciplined, vital, lean, athletic person; especially yourself. Your own worst enemy is your own personal negative thoughts and beliefs. Be relentless in removing all negative statements from your mind. Replace “I am fat” with “I enjoy being fit and lean”. Don’t avoid the mirror, but instead stand in front of it and use your imagination to shape your body in your mind’s eye. Get used to seeing yourself that way. Get used to seeing your body as lean and fit. BEcome the lean and fit person first in your mind and you will DO the things necessary and HAVE what you want. BE DO HAVE, It is a powerful new approach.

New Long Term Care Insurance Program

As of December 2010, Mensh Insurance is now offering the members of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association a discounted Long Term Care Insurance program via Prudential. All members including spouses, siblings and parents have access to an association discount in addition to available spousal and good health discounts.

All members can find plan information via log in on our website. http://www.menshinsurance.com.